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This hit has been the anthem par excellence of a dance artist hidden behind a voice; it has happened with 'Fly on the Wings of Love' and also with the well-known viral theme 'Flying Free' sung and performed by Marian Dacal, which corresponded to one of the songs of the Pont Aeri nightclub in its day. Marian and I have been hidden in recording studios and fish tanks for more than 20 years. Two of the most representative artists were behind the scenes, much like what happened in the movie 'Singing in the Rain.' Our stories have been curious, so we will gradually tell a little bit of history that people deserve to know about this dance style, which is so popular but sometimes so little known.

'Fly on the Wings of Love' was not only a national theme that reached the top 2 in Spain but also an international one with a number 1 in Ireland, number 3 in Scotland, 6 in the United Kingdom for weeks, and on many charts in countries like the United States, the Netherlands, etc. It was also the most downloaded ringtone on mobile phones at that time when Nokia phones were popular.

However, this idyllic dream was a mirage as curious anecdotes arose that we will tell gradually to avoid overwhelming the audience. The initial image was not mine as I was involved in other projects with the same company, at that time Vale Music and now Universal Music Spain. It was decided to put a cover until I resumed the project, which was in 2003. XTM, Xasqui Ten Martínez, was the producer of the theme, and Annia was a fictitious name; in reality, it's me, EVA MARTI. The recording of the dance version was done in October 2000 at Xasqui and his brother Toni's recording studios, Ten Productions, and it was planned to be the company's flagship. Its version swept in Spain, and internationally it was the version by the Sistema 3 brothers (Dj Richard, Dani, and Johny Base) along with another remix by the well-known producers Flip and Fill, who worked for Clubland, NOW!, and Ministry of Sound, etc.

DANCE MUSIC SOUND. Electronic Music in my veins

My persona has always been associated with dance music and/or electronic dance music, a style of which I am very proud for the energy and good vibes it allows me to convey. As a dance artist, I feel that I can transport people to those emotions we experienced in the music of the 90s and 2000s. A special reciprocity and symbiosis are created that truly leads us to feel well-being and happiness singing and dancing to those catchy melodies that enchanted us and continue to do so.

Together with Marian Dacal and our B2B format full of emotion and passion, along with many other national and international artists such as Rozalla, Kate Ryan, OBK, Lene Nystrom from Aqua, Alice Dj, Fragma, Cascada, Rebeca, Ku Minerva, Paco Pil, Sensity World, Dj Sammy, Ian Van Dahl, Technotronic, New Limit, La Luna, Dee Dee, Jessy, Nathalie Arts, Just Luis, Kriss Orue, King África, Chimo Bayo, Double Vision, Viceversa, Sonia Madoc, Selena Leo, the wonderful Dream Team with Toni Peret, Quique Tejada, and José María Castells, and many other artists, we form the perfect team to carry out festivals hand in hand with promoters, municipalities, and individuals and to elevate the world of dance music as a musical and cultural value.

More than 30 years in the Musical Artistic sector. Collaborations.

The years have led me to gain a lot of experience and to be able to collaborate with many people and various musical styles, although as an artist, I do like to identify myself with dance music. Jingles for advertisements like Giochi Preziosi, soundtracks for films like 'La Colina del Dragón,' endings for Yo-kai Watch, and a myriad of voices that I have always provided in all those projects that seemed interesting to me and for which I have been able to collaborate.

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