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logo de alas negras para Eva Martí aka XTM Fet. ANNIA

Things about me...

My birth: in Barcelona on a Wednesday, May 29, 1974, at 22:30 at the Delfos Clinic.

Conversations with Tender Jews: my artistic beginnings.

Nature, Healthy Living, Sports, studying, languages, traveling, learning, interpreting, singing, dancing, and being a complete artist: my great passions and challenges.

Fly On the Wings Of Love" (2000 ESP-2003 UK) as XTM Feat. ANNIA, a national and international dance music hit from the 2000s: it will always accompany me, as will the musical style for which I strive to achieve the cultural recognition it deserves.

Projects: With my vocal brand, personal style, and Eva Marti label, we were nominated (2003 – producer Emilio Alquézar, may he rest in peace) for the Goya Awards for Best Song with the award-winning animated film 'La Colina del Dragón.' Collaborations with F.C Barcelona, El Club Súper 3, Clan TV, Giochi Preziosi, Caixabank, Evax, Llao Llao, Repsol, Ikea, Custo, Kellog’s, Skoda, Oral B, Orange, Grimaldi Lines, Véritas, Yokai Watch, Viakal, Oreo, Cacaolat, Clinicum, Generalitat de Catalunya, Bayer, Volotea, and countless other brands.

My background...

My passion for music and singing meant I was always destined to be a performer. I first displayed my artistic temperament at the age of three, when I engaged in lengthy and unusual conversations with an audience consisting entirely of green beans, which I spoke to, sang for and used to create the artistic world I dreamed about being a part of when I grew up. By the time I was 14, I had made up my mind about where my future lay and began to study performance, singing and dance while looking to make a name for myself with various recording studios. I trained with private singing teachers, attended the Musical Memory theatre school, studied vocal technique at the Institut del Teatre in Barcelona, and made lots of contacts in the business. Since 1991 when my career began to take off, I have worked for radio stations, studios, producers and record labels, lending my voice to countless adverts and songs. My advertising work continues to progress and I am fully committed to dance music, which I have always strongly identified with.

Bike Saddle

Una Persona



logo de alas negras para Eva Martí aka XTM Fet. ANNIA

Sports have been a part of my life like the act of brushing my teeth three times a day; for me, it is a MUST more than an obligation. It is something that is integrated into life like an accessory of a car that we choose.

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